A 6-point Guide to the Importance of Japanese Language Classes

A 6-point Guide to the Importance of Japanese Language Classes

The Japanese language is spoken by more than 140 million people in Japan alone. And, it is also a second natural language for people living in Korean and Chinese-speaking countries. There are a large number of reasons that describe the importance of the Japanese language. Some of them include the following:

• The Japanese language brings various business opportunities worldwide
• It is considered to be a gateway to learning as well as understanding various other important Asian cultures and languages
• Japanese presence and the fastest-growing culture around the globe
• The Japanese language reflects more politeness and honor in any form of expression.

This blog sheds light on the importance of the Japanese language through the following points:

1. Those who are good at Japanese can communicate with over 140 million speakers

Japanese is the 9th most spoken native language in the world today. You can find a sizeable population of Japanese people across the countries including Brazil, Canada, the US, China, and the Philippines. It is also estimated that more than 5 million people outside Japan can speak the Japanese language with some proficiency. Joining a Japanese language course in Delhi can help you communicate with more than 140 million people with whom you can get connected at a deeper level.

2. Japanese language lets you know about Japanese history, martial arts, entertainment, culture, and fashion

If you attend Japanese language classes in Delhi or any other part of the country, you will get a chance to develop a deeper understanding of Japanese culture. Japanese culture is a unique combination of modern and conventional practices and you will learn about so many customs that are still alien to the western countries. Whether young or old, the Japanese cultural values are ingrained all of them to the core, and determine the way Japanese people interact, behave, and react. These cultural values are also manifested in how they read, write, and speak. Needless to say, the young of Japan might show ultramodern behavior, but they still stick to their traditions, cultures, and values. Therefore, learning Japanese means you will get a better hold of Japanese culture and people.        .

3. Learning the Japanese language provides you with opportunities to teach in Japan

If you gain proficiency in the Japanese language, then it will be a stepping-stone to teaching English in reputed Japanese schools and colleges. You can find such opportunities both in the public and private sectors. The Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme (JET) is a well-known yearly program, particularly for foreign students not only to stay but teach in Japan for a full 1 year, after they pass the criteria and the review process concerning the said program. The primary objective of this program is to promote internationalization through the development of mutual understanding between Japan and various other countries. The program also aims to give a boost to Japanese education in foreign languages.

4. Japanese helps you learn various other East Asian languages better

Most languages spoken in East Asian countries are distinct. These languages mainly include Bahasa, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Mongolian, and Thai. Still, due to geographical closeness and social as well as historical contexts, these languages share some commonalities. To some extent, the grammar of the Korean and Japanese languages is identical to the prevalence of honorific terminology to show respect. A substantial amount of vocabulary, sentence structure, and common language rules are also identical to some extent. Once you achieve a good deal of fluency in Japanese through Japanese language classes, you can take advantage of studying in Korean or Chinese.

5. Learning the Japanese language is good for memory and offers great health benefits

This might come as a surprise that learning the Japanese language offers a plethora of health benefits along with good memory power. It is because Japanese is a complex language and learning it engages the brain in a large number of different ways to boost the learner’s brainpower. Various studies conducted in this regard have proven that bilingual or multilingual people show better proficiencies in critical as well as analytical thinking in comparison to those who are not multilingual. Studies have also suggested that the Japanese language during the learning process makes use of more brain parts than any other language in the world. This surely increases the learner’s mental abilities and memory.

What’s more, bilingualism has the power to make you brighter, and better focused, and provides you with the capability of prioritizing and multitasking. In light of the same, the Japanese language can be considered a cognitive skills enhancer. Some of the most distinctive features of the Japanese language include the variety of strokes, writing styles, as well as methods. All these features and distinctiveness together make it an effective and efficient tool for exercising the mind better.

6. Increased career prospects

Increased career prospects can be considered the most significant reason to learn the Japanese language. People from across the globe want to work in Japan for various reasons, and the Japanese language can help them actualize their dreams for sure. In Japan or any Japanese company, your chances of getting hired would be doubled in case you have studied Japanese as a second language. This ability of yours will also capacitate you to negotiate higher salaries. There are a large number of career options in Japanese companies for people of foreign origin. Some of the major ones include the following:

• Automobiles
• Semiconductors
• Animation
• Consumer Electronics
• Copper, iron and steel
• Manufacturing
• Construction
• Shipbuilding
• Computers
• Optical Media
• R&D
• Fishing
• Finance, and
• Entertainment, etc.

Translators and interpreters are considered to be the most significant opportunities after you gain proficiency in the Japanese language.

Concluding Remarks

Learning Japanese by joining a language course in Delhi or by attending Japanese language classes can bring you a plethora of unimaginable benefits. By learning this language, you will not only be contributing to the spirit of internationalization but also enriching your personality while creating a better prospect for yourself. NEC Japanese Language Academy is the right institution for making a foray into the Japanese language world. You can get in touch with the academy to know more about the different courses it offers as well as Japanese language course fees just by calling them over the phone.