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NEC Japanese Language Academy (NJLA) is a first of its kind corporate initiative which brings together the best of Industry Experience and Academic Excellence under one roof for japanese language course.

JLPT Training

This unique initiative serves as a gateway for those who want to explore various avenues in Japan or make a career in the Japanese IT industry and other Japanese Multinational companies through our specialized JLPT training.

We offer Employment Opportunities and japanese language course  for meritorious students. Our faculty at NJLA has vast experience in teaching students and professionals from different fields.

NEC Japanese Language Academy, a renowned Japanese language institute in Delhi NCR, offers Japanese language courses and JLPT training in Delhi that provide a new direction to your career and open doors to various job opportunities in Japan and other regions where Japanese language is spoken.

We firmly believe that talent knows no boundaries, and we are dedicated to helping each student unlock their potential and discover diverse job avenues. Whether it's in Japan or Japanese multinational companies within India! Our Japanese  language Institute, supported by the best faculty in the industry, is committed to assisting you in pursuing these opportunities successfully.

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Contribute to the mutual economic growth of India and Japan by providing support for overcoming the two major impediments i.e. Language and Cultural barrier.

Aim at filling the skill gap required in business activities between both the nations.

As the Japanese Language institute in Delhi NCR, our goal is to help you learn and refine your Japanese language skills with the guidance of both national and native Japanese teaching staff. We aim to nurture your inherent abilities while equipping you with the right mindset to express yourself effectively using the Japanese language.


Study at NJLA

At our Japanese language institute in Delhi, we provide valuable learning resources for students, encouraging active participation in a smart-learning environment. Additionally, our institute offers supportive learning materials to supplement your daily classroom sessions.

NEC Japanese Language Academy offers a wide range of courses tailored to meet the diverse demands of Japanese language learners. Our Japanese Institute provides the following language classes:

Why NEC Japanese Language Academy ?



For nearly a decade, NEC Japanese Language Academy has been raising the standards of learning Japanese in India. We aim to foster and strengthen the bilateral relations between Japan and India. As the best Japanese institute in Delhi, we perceive the Japanese language as strength rather than an obstacle. Our mission is to enhance the economic ties between the two nations. Students who view the Japanese language as a barrier to exploring job opportunities in Japan can rely on NEC Japanese Language Academy. Our Japanese Institute ensures that students gain the necessary experience to excel in the job market.

Join NEC Japanese Language Academy today and embark on a journey of language proficiency and career advancement.


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