Business Japanese Program (Verbal focus)

Japanese Language Program for Business

Are you interested in advancing to our Business Japanese course for a focused and immersive learning experience? NEC Japanese Language Academy offers a specialized program designed for students who aspire to work in Japan. Our Business Japanese Course emphasizes business-level proficiency, enabling you to seamlessly integrate into Japan's professional culture. Through this course, you will develop the ability to communicate clearly and confidently using business vocabulary and formal phrases.

Our Business Japanese Program is a spoken Japanese course that prepares you to:

  • Excel in situations that require business Japanese
  • Meet the language requirements for working in Japan
  • Explore and engage confidently in Japanese culture
  • Access opportunities to work in Japanese multinational companies
  • Effectively interact with Japanese stakeholders and co-workers in a professional environment
  • Enhance pronunciation and speak with clarity
  • Improve fluency in professional conversations
  • Master Japanese phrases and expressions necessary for daily business communication

Completion of N3 Level Course in Japanese, at least, is recommended to enroll in our Business Japanese Program. To ensure the highest learning standards, NEC Japanese Language Academy has experienced industry professionals as part of the faculty.

With this spoken Japanese course, participants will:

  • Learn from advanced faculty members with extensive experience
  • Benefit from the expertise of native educators from Japan
  • Engage in learning within well-equipped classrooms
  • Access supplementary learning materials
  • Experience a pragmatic approach to language acquisition

Prepare yourself for real business negotiations and refined interactions by enrolling in NEC Japanese Language Academy's Business Japanese Program.

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  • Based on Test (Viva-voce)

    Should have cleared N2 or adequate competency to the clear N2 test

Additionally, You Will Learn
  • Thematic and situational Japanese
  • Business deals and negotiations
  • Polite and honorific Japanese
  • Telephonic / Meetings conversation


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