Japan Ready – Industry Ready Integrated Program

Course Objective

NEC Japanese Language Academy offers a Full-time and Integrated program to help meet the rising demand for Japanese Bilingual IT Professionals. It is a unique and creative program meant for people looking to carve a career in the growing Japanese industry. With the IT industry booming globally, Japan facing an acute shortage of trained IT professionals and increasing competition among job-seekers in India, makes the course all the more relevant than ever.

The JR-IR Integrated program is a comprehensive program which will take the students from the Beginners to the Intermediate level in Japanese while building a grip at one key Hot-skill. The student can choose and in-demand skill such as ITIL, CBAP, PMP, SAP, AWS. The students aspiring to give their careers a head-start or those willing to make a switch without the technical background can enroll in this program. The classes will be delivered by both Indian and Native Japanese trainers in an immersive learning environment with interactive classroom teaching, group activities, project work and workshops.

JR-IR Program offers :


  • Duration in Hours: 180 Hours
  • Duration in Months:
    6 Months 3 Months


  • Duration in Hours: 180 Hours
  • Duration in Months:
    6 Months 3 Months


  • Duration in Hours: 180 Hours
  • Duration in Months: 6 Months

Hot Skills

  • Duration in Hours: 60-120 Hours (It will run parallelly with JLPT N3)


  • Get trained for 3 levels of the JLPT exam: N5, N4 & N3. (The certification is accepted as the gold-standard for Japanese Language proficiency worldwide).
  • Gain knowledge on Cultural Sensitivity to engage profitably with Japanese counterparts in various business scenarios
  • Acquire one in-demand hot-skill.
  • Get a certification of Bilingual IT Professional
  • Internship with NEC India
  • Meritorious students stand a chance to be absorbed by NEC India

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Course Structure

Program Duration

Japan Ready – Industry Ready (JR-IR) Integrated Program

  • Program Duration12 months (for Weekday Batch)
    18 months (for Weekend Batch)
  • Tution Fees Contact Us
The Japan Ready- Industry Ready Integrated program is of national importance for India and Japan, as on one hand this provides Upskilling and Employment opportunity to youth of India, and on the other hand this is catering to addressing the Resource crunch that Japan faces today in various areas due to its aging population. This is a comprehensive program which will prepare you for technical roles in the Japanese bilingual capacity. It will take you from the Beginners level to the Intermediate level of Japanese and additionally arm you with a hot-skill which has a very high demand in the job-market today.
JR-IR Integrated Program is a full time course which covers three levels of JLPT/NAT and hot-skill training within a span of just one year. While other avenues to pursue the same skills will take you roughly 2 years, this course is the best if you want to kick-start your career with International exposure in the fastest way or make a career change into the world’s third largest economy, Japan.
The following timeline will be followed:
  • First 3 months: JLPT/NAT N5
  • Next 3 months: JLPT/NAT N4
  • Last 6 months: JLPT/NAT N3 + Hot-Skil
The hot-skills offered range from domain-specific skills to wide-application skills. The names of the same are as follows: AWS, ITIL, SAP, PMP, CBAP, ERP(FI)
Every student will undergo counselling & participate in interactive sessions with industry-stalwarts and experts before selecting the Hot-Skill.
Yes, all students who complete the course will qualify for an internship with NEC Corporation and undergo on-the-job training under the guidance and supervision of industry practitioners having years of experience working with Japanese clients and international businesses.
The registrations can be made by contacting NJLA’s Counsellor at 7042377533/9650875395. You will be briefed about the succeeding procedure thereafter.
Yes, you are qualified to apply. Your application will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. In order to receive additional information or counselling, please contact NJLA's Counsellor at 7042377533/9650875395.
Yes, it is possible to apply only for the skills portion. If you would like more information or counselling, you can contact the NJLA Counsellor by calling 7042377533/9650875395.
We will conduct the classes in a hybrid format. However, Offline classes will be conducted only in NJLA (New Delhi).
The students will have access to a dynamic glossary including the latest and prevalent technical terminologies used in the industry. Additionally, they will have exclusive access to our Technical Handbook containing insights into the trending IT tools & technologies being used by companies globally.
We are offering 2 batches: Weekend & Weekdays. To know more details on timings, you may contact the NJLA Counsellor by calling 7042377533/9650875395.
Hot Skill will be selected in between the course, and once selected by you, cannot be changed. It is advised to choose your skills wisely. If you are facing any difficulty while planning, you may contact the NJLA Counsellor by calling 7042377533/9650875395.
Yes, we offer the option of instalments.
Scholarships are unavailable, however, as a reward, the top 5 students of the program will be placed in NEC Corporation India and deployed in different projects in varying capacities
Once enrolled, refund option is unavailable.
Payments should be payed to NEC Corporation via NEFT. The same can be easily done online or one may visit his/her bank branch.


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