Get proficient in the Japanese Language and Boost your career growth

Get proficient in the Japanese Language and Boost your career growth

Foreign language learning has been a catalyst in career growth for everyone. Learning a foreign language has benefited many aspects, whether a housewife, student, retired person, professional, or even a businessman. When we learn a language, we learn about the specific region's culture. Before visiting a country, when we learn about their language, it becomes a guiding factor for our upcoming visits. The Japanese Language is becoming a great hit among every age and career group as Japan is emerging as the leader in technology. Japanese people have always been inviting people, especially Indians.

If you visit Japan, you will notice that few locations have English billboards, and sometimes people have to use the translators on their mobile phones because Japanese people don't speak proficient English, which is very much ok. After all, Japan has been less dependent on other countries. Visiting North American or South Asian countries is much easier than visiting and interacting in Japan. But, once you become a part of the Japanese culture, you can do a tremendous business or job in Japan.

To get the Japanese language diploma, first, a student has to take the Japanese Language proficiency test, which tests the knowledge of the Japanese Language of an Individual. It's like IELTS for English proficiency, but it's exclusively of the Japanese Language. This blog will discuss the benefits of the Japanese Language you can get once you complete your Japanese Language Proficiency Exam.

Less Competition

Compared to other languages, the Japanese language has a better future because fewer students go for it. The primary reason is a lack of knowledge about Japan's growth. After the second world war, Japanese economic growth is a miracle because of the hard work and perseverance of the government and citizens of Japan. Getting Japanese citizenship is much easier if you know the language. Whereas, in other countries, there is either very much competition or else there are stricter laws of immigration.

Exploding Cultural Exports

From anime to sushi to Pokemon, Japan has been a forerunner of cultural exports. A few years back, no one knew about wasabi or sushi, but in metropolitan cities, you will see sushi cafes every 20kms—even the anime Dragon Ball Z Indian Vedas. Japanese people have always admired Indian citizens, and they respect the Indians because of both cultures' humbleness.

Gateway to South Korea

Once you are a Japanese Language speaker, your gateways to South Korea open; South Koreans and Japanese people are famous for living extravagant, and both countries welcome the Indians.

Best Business Opportunities

The market for Japanese people is very much vital. Japanese businessmen are good negotiators, and when you have a conversation with them in their language, it will open endless opportunities for your business or job. Moreover, Japanese people are innovative; working with Japanese can be tiring because Japanese people can work for 18-20 hours, but Japan is becoming a hub for innovation.

A Language of Humility

Like Sanskrit, the Japanese language has very few foul words. Even if there are some, hardly anyone will speak that word because Japanese culture believes in respect and humility. A language is a career of civilization, and Japanese culture is all about welcoming people serving them with great hospitality.

You can qualify as an English Teacher in Japan.

After the JLPT Japanese Language proficiency test, you can qualify as an English teacher in Japan. As discussed above, Japan is opening its ventures for better business opportunities in other countries, and most of the countries have English in common. The Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme (JET) is an annual program where international students who pass the criteria and review process can stay and teach in Japan for one full year.


As discussed above, any language is not confined to a particular age group or profession. Whether a homemaker, businessman, retired pensioner, or even a school student, learning a foreign language opens up your mind and gives you a better perspective. A famous study shows that learning a foreign language creates your personality precisely like the culture you are learning about. Once a student clears the Japanese Language Proficiency Exam, there will be multiple employment opportunities, and even students can conduct online classes from home. NEC Japanese Language Academy provides classes for the JLPT Japanese Language Proficiency Test, one of the best institutes for Japanese language coaching. If you are looking for Japanese language classes, you can visit