Revealed: 6 Hacks for Learning Japanese Language

Revealed: 6 Hacks for Learning Japanese Language

Japanese is one of the most widespread East Asian languages dominating the global language scenario with each passing day. Currently, there are more than 128 million Japanese language speakers around the globe. Although it is the national language of Japan, the countries like United States, Korea, and Brazil also have millions of Japanese language speakers.

As far as learning the Japanese language is concerned, many language enthusiasts believe that learning the Japanese language is a little bit more difficult than any other language. Those with ardent interest in the Japanese language are opting for JLPT Training in the Japanese language academy to get command over this language.

Keeping in view the same, this blog post reveals some effective and efficient Japanese language learning hacks making things easier for learners in the following points:

1. Listen to thousands of hours of Japanese language discourses 

It might come to you as an insignificant random approach that listening to the discourses in the Japanese language for months can bring fruitful results. But, it works. Just keep listening and listening until you understand. It might not make any sense in the beginning but when you keep listening to it for thousands of hours, it will start making sense. Always remember, all of us learn any language by imitating, and when we listen to anything, again and again, our imitation intuition goes to the next level.

2. Go crazy after the news sources in the Japanese language

When you read any news concerning the topic that interests you most, your grasping power gets combined with your imagination. You start visualizing them as if they were happening in front of your eyes. You have to act like a fanatic after Japanese-language news sources. You can choose NHK News Web Easy as your primary source to serve your purpose. The website came into existence for making all the updated news easier for visitors or readers. With the high-definition audio recording along with text (complete with furigana, definitions, and some word filtering tools), the process of understanding and learning the Japanese language will become a breeze for the language enthusiast in you.

3. Don’t just learn, enjoy the learning process

Enjoying the process of whatever you are doing is the very first step to accomplishing any task with joy and happiness. In case you are lacking in certain strengths or have a bunch of weaknesses, stay firm and start exploiting them to serve the purpose of Japanese learning. Whether you are a sports enthusiast, a video game admirer, or a movie buff, whatever you do, do only in the Japanese language. Watch Japanese movies, sports channels, and other pieces of stuff as much as you can. There are OTT platforms and even television channels that broadcast movies in the Japanese language with subtitles. Going even beyond, you can keep listening to Japanese language music while going for a morning walk every day.  

4. Keep Japanese active in your brain without any strain

As stated at the very outset that learning the Japanese language is a little bit more difficult than learning any other language. During the process, you might come across phases wherein you might feel completely burnt out. In effect, the Japanese language has the power to fry your brain completely while you make efforts to learn it. But, all things said and done, you don’t have to let the strain of Japanese learning overpower you at all.

While you make all-out efforts to learn the Japanese language through various sources including digital and conventional, you have to keep in mind that when your brain is already tired due to any specific or unspecific reason, you need to change the source. For example, if textbooks or PDFs are boring you sometimes, then you need to take a different route. Go for animation or any thriller genre movie which will help you keep your interest in the Japanese language always up. This approach will keep Japanese always active in your brain.

5. Make use of Google Image Search to get the meaning of particular words

Google image search can be of immense help to you in case you are not able to get and check the meaning of any particular Japanese language word. In such a scenario, all that you need to do is just place that particular word in the Google Image search and see what pops up. If you adopt this approach, it will also give you great exposure to Japanese society in totality. What’s more, you can follow the particular link on which the image appears. It will shed light in greater detail about the picture you are searching for. So, when you face any difficulty in checking the meaning of any Japanese word, Google Image search is right there for you.

6. Getting training might be a great support

Learning a new language can be compared with the treatment that you act upon as suggested by your doctor. Apart from just medicine, you do a lot of things at the personal level for a speedy recovery. In the same way, when you start learning the Japanese language, you might need some duly apt guidance and suggestions apart from your own efforts. Therefore, you can seek an institution of repute to serve your purpose. There is no dearth of Japanese language learning centers and academies wherefrom you can get the required assistance.

Concluding Remarks

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