Jun 9, 2020

NEC India, Jaceex Ventures Team Up To Launch A Training Program In Indian.

This venture will allow for greater participation of the East-Indian youth in the Japanese work and their culture and also enhance their chances of employment in the Japanese organizations and company framework.

NEC Technologies India and Jaceex Ventures LLP, which has control over the operations of the Japanese Centre of Excellence (JACEEX), have partnered up to launch a scheme that will facilitate the youth of East India to have greater access to the job market and opportunities. An approximated amount of 1,000 candidates and participants are expected to benefit from the same as they get exposure to the Japanese culture, language, lifestyle, and even business practices.

The collaboration between the two would be seen as they establish their respective centers of learning in the northeastern states. NEC will head its language and intercultural training academy, NEC Japanese Language Academy (NJLA) as JACEEX will look after the operations at Jaceex Japanese Language Academies (JJLA). They will also be providing provisions of voluntary internships and training to the university and college students from these states. As of now, JACCEX runs one nodal academy in Guwahati, Assam.

As per a statement made by Piyush Sinha, Deputy Managing Director, NEC India, the Japan-India reserves in the North East are designed at cultivating the physical infrastructure in lieu with the social integration and wellness, rudimentary human needs, and talent enhancement of the population in the region. This enterprise with JACEEX will not only “expand the horizons of the students”, but make them “more employable.” This measure has been taken to outsource the premium quality of human resources and skills in the North-East that is expected to make advancements and great contributions in the sectors of agriculture, hospitality, tourism, nursing, textile, food manufacturing, etc. This collaboration also aims to strengthen the Indo-Japan economic collaborations.

“We are pleased to partner with NEC India. This training program will permit students to be competitive on a global stage and will deliver an ideal platform to them to concoct for their careers,” said Rajeev Gupta, Founder, and CEO, Jaceex Ventures.